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Friday, November 15, 2013

Speaking of maggots...

Be careful of what you eat via Earth Fare. A customer in the Charlotte store found maggots in a candy bar. That in itself would be bad enough, but the real punch line to the inexcusable joke is that other customers had apparently complained - to the store's manager - about maggots being in the candy bars before Deborah Webb bought hers:

"I told the manager and they said other people had called up and told them they also found maggots in the exact same candy bar. I'm just shocked they hadn't moved it off the shelf after they had the first people tell them."

I'm not surprised that NBC Charlotte is having a difficult time getting a response from from Earth Fare's corporate office. After my experience with the Columbia store's Garris Matthews, Earth Fare's corporate office remained aloof, even refusing to reply to my e-mail.

What is it with Earth Fare and its so-called managers? This is one sorry excuse for a health food chain. As Ms. Webb so aptly stated, the candy bar was a bit "too organic" for her taste.

Update 11/18/2013 - Earth Fare's supplier, Earth Source Organics, e-mailed NBC Charlotte, taking a "business as usual" stance: "Worms are part of nature and if a customer wants a 100% assurance that they will not find a bit of nature in their food once in their lifetime then they need to not buy Organic and Raw." No mention was made regarding the issue of removing maggot-infested products once discovered.